Ruggies For Carpet

Whenever I tell people about the Ruggies for rugs and how much I love them in my home I get a lot of questions about if the Ruggies for carpet work. They just wanted to know if the Ruggies will keep rugs in place on carpet as well

Most of my home has hard wood flooring, however my bedrooms have carpet in them. I have a few rugs in some of my bedrooms where there is carpet. The rugs don’t move around as much as on my carpet floors, however the corners still stick up while my rugs are on carpet. I hated when the corners on my rugs would stick up.

What I first tried to do was put some of the same rug tape that I used on my hard wood floors on the carpet. Using rug tape on my carpet turned out to be a huge hassle, however I still used it because there wasn’t anything else that I could use to keep the corners of my rugs down.

Using the rug tape was a terrible idea because whenever I would go to vacuum my floors the rug tape would come off from the floor and then it wouldn’t adhere to the carpet again. Every time that I vacuumed I had to replace the rug tape. It was very tedious and annoying.

I wanted to find a different solution to keeping the corners of my rugs down. But I had to use the tape because my husband would be the one to trip over the corners of the rugs. For a while he didn’t like having my rugs upstairs on the carpet because he would always trip over them.

Another thing I didn’t like about using rug tape on my rugs was that when I would go to move the rug the tape would pull a lot of my carpet up with it. I have a few spots in my carpet now where there are small spots of carpet missing because of the rug tape. I was so upset with the rug tape because it ruined my carpet.

So, when I got my Ruggies for my rugs on my hard wood floor I was really excited to find out if they were also Ruggies for carpet. I did not want to have to use tape anymore. The Ruggies worked great on my hard wood floors. It was like my rugs were nailed to my floors.

I put the Ruggies on my rugs upstairs where there was carpet and I was really surprised to see that the Ruggies were actually working on the carpet.

The only thing that I had to do differently with the Ruggies for carpet was push really hard on the corners of the Ruggies to secure them more tightly to the carpet—but they gripped! The corners of my rugs actually stayed down with carpet. What I have noticed with my Ruggies on the carpet is that I have to clean them a little bit more often because dirt gets attached to them more often. That was ok with me because the Ruggies are reusable and they don’t pull any carpet out the floors when I pull them off.

I love that the Ruggies are versatile and can be used on different surfaces and different rugs. I recommend them to everyone because they are a simple solution to keep rugs in place that actually works.

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